Punjab to Dravid there, but No 7 sisters has place in Nation Anthem, Royal Scion demands amendment

Last Modified Saturday, 1 August 2020 (12:34 IST)
Agartala:has demanded that the of the country- Jana Gana Mana- should include all non-represented regions and communities of the country considering the changing socio-political landscape.
Deb Burman said Indian constitution was amended not less than 124 times in the last 71 years of its existence, as and when situation demanded for the interest of the country. But national anthem has not yet been amended even for a single time though only four regions are reflected in the song.
"Jana Gana Mana is considered as one of the important instruments for national integration and a symbol of unity in diversity. The Indian national anthem composed by Nobel-laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore cites names of Punjab, Sindhu (Sind in Pakistan), Gujarat, Maratha, Dravid (All four states of south India) Utkal (Orissa), Banga (Bengal).

There are many other states and union territories that do not find mention in the national anthem but that does not mean they are outside India and they lack any identity," Pradyot argued.    He said unification of India and national integration could be achieved better in a meaningful manner if the national anthem is amended suitably incorporating all the regions and communities into it and added, "National anthem is being played across the country with solemn respect and it needs to mention all regions to make India stronger."
Pradyot expressed serious resentment over the poor reportage of core issues of northeast in national media and complained, "Northeast is always being portrayed negatively at national level. When a chief minister makes a foul statement or Chinese invasion attempt to northeast or any other soft stories, I find we get coverage in metros. But when a 17 ?yr old girl is gang-raped or thousands of people displaced due to devastating flood in Assam or animal death in the region ? there is hardly any coverage."

A peeved Pradyot questioned, "If your coverage is related to TRP, please tell us openly and stop educating our patriotism and national integration. You must remember India is not only metros and bigger cities. We are also a part of India."(UNI)