Girls started posting their pics donned in ripped jeans after UK's CM Tirath Singh Rawat's statement

Last Updated: Thursday, 18 March 2021 (19:05 IST)
In the virtual world of Twitter, a hashtag becomes popular within a second especially if taken up by fairer sex. Since Wednesday evening the hashtag "#Rippedjeanstwitter" is trending. Girls donning with are posting their cool pictures on micro-blogging site Twitter, for a change otherwise photo-sharing app gets the first priority.

So why the girls have to switch to Twitter rather than insta? It is due to the recent statement made by the Newly appointed CM of Tirath Singh Rawat. In a function he said. He termed it as a societal breakdown. He added that showing bare knees sneaking through ripped jeans is a sign of a bad parenting. If a girl goes out like this what kind of message we as a society are giving.

Rawat added that not only boys but also girls wear the ripped jeans to portray themselves as rich kids. While the western world is looking towards India following yoga and covering the whole body. We are following western culture blindly, what is the next step Nudity?
The CM spilled the beans in a two-day workshop organized by the Uttarakhand state commission for protection of child rights in Dehradun.
Not only the mango girls were fumed and posted pictures in reply to chauvinist statement. Few female politicians too posted their pictures with ripped jeans. It includes Shivsena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi and NCW chairman Swati Maliwal. (WD)