SC stays telecast of remaining episodes of UPSC Jihad program by Sudarshan TV

Last Modified Tuesday, 15 September 2020 (19:05 IST)
New Delhi:Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed the
telecast of the remaining 5 episodes of the Jihad programme by TV after it noted down that it seemed their TV show apparently vilified Muslims.
In an interim order, a bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud said "We stay airing the remaining show of the Sudarshan TV News channel programme, till further orders of this court,"
The apex court was hearing a petition filed against Sudarshan TV channel, regarding selection of Muslims in civil services.During the hearing of the matter, the Supreme Court expressed displeasure over the way the programme was shown on the TV channel. 
The court said, we will later on Thursday consider the matter related to balancing of free speech, with constitutional values of right to equality and fair treatment for every segment of citizens.
The issue arose on objections of a programme 'UPSC Jihad' run by Sudarshan News TV.
Justice KM Joseph, another judge in the bench observed that we need to have debates where others should be allowed to speak as against the anchor only. (UNI)