Senior journo Vinod Dua booked for allegedly releasing fake news

Last Updated: Saturday, 13 June 2020 (13:57 IST)
New Delhi:Crime Branch has booked veteran journalist
for allegedly releasing fake news.The police has filed FIR against Dua after receiving a complaint from Delhi BJP leader Navin Kumar.(Pic- Twitter)
Mr Dua informed regarding the same on Friday night over Facebook, saying that the BJP has filed a FIR with the Crime Branch against him.
Releasing a video on social media , Kumar alleged  that the venom that is being spread in the name of journalism is deadly, and further said that Mr Dua is a senior journalist, and has stand against  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but, has now started doing the same with the nation.
He further said that this kind of hate journalism is spoiling country's image around the globe.He said that so far the police has just filed  a FIR, but strict charges must be added and he must be arrested, Kumar added.(UNI)