Tauktae cyclone moves towards north after heavy damages at coastline, rainfall stop

Last Updated: Monday, 17 May 2021 (23:39 IST)
Kolhapur/Ratnagiri: After damaged and destructed at many places at coastline of district, ‘Tauktae’ calm down in the district and moved towards north area while continued rainfall which started yesterday 1300 hours, stopped this afternoon 1200 hours. Even if not no big damaged as per on recently “Nisarg” cyclone in the district, there were many houses damaged and trees collapsed at coastline areas.

Recently “Nisarg” cyclone which had affected Ratnagiri district and other areas, following it hit from land and caused for big damaged with collapsed big old trees and with comparatively it “Tauktae” cyclone mutually moved from sea to North and not occurred big damaged even lashed by cyclone and heavy rainfall fall in many villages on the coastline of the district. At many places Electricity supply were disconnected while a road subsided due to have rains in Shirdhon of Ratnagiri tehsil.
The highest damaged took place at district civil hospital and with leakages to the building at many places, raised suspicious about the building construction. In this hospital corona positive patients were admitted and made hectic between patients relatives due waterlogged in the building due to heavy rainfall fall.
Due to speedy cyclone and heavy rainfall fall, Jaygad and Mirakarwada affected heavy loss with damaged boats and collapsing a big wall on parking cars respectively.
In Jaygad, fishermen brought their boats from sea and moored it at port, which bumped each other with big wave with cyclone and heavy rainfall fall, were damaged, which affected to many fishermen.
At “Pandhara Samudra” area in Mirakarwada, a big wall collapsed on patrolling cars opposite to Oshiyan view and a car buried under the debris and damaged all. After receiving information, local vivid member Sohel Sakhalkar rushed to the spot and took a damage control operation with fire-brigade personals, who also rushed to the spot immediately. (UNI)