Lalu Prasad's son Tej Pratap threatens to quit politics

Last Modified Tuesday, 3 July 2018 (11:36 IST)
Patna:Mr Tej Pratap Yadav, former minister and elder son of RJD chief Lalu  Prasad, on Monday fired another salvo threatening to quit if some undesirable elements 'denting his image' were allowed to continue in the party as his mother and former Chief Minister also did not pay any heed to the issue when he brought it to her notice.    
Mr Yadav, posted comments on his facebook and twitter account, voicing his anger over 
the fact that Mr Om Prakash Yadav, his former aide and party MLC Subodh Rai were 
denting his image among the people in Mahua constituency, represented by him in 
" When I was in Mahua yesterday, locals informed that Mr Yadav and Mr Rai used to 
describe me as insane and hen-pecked husband, having no knowledge of politics and 
was MLA worth the name", Mr said adding that locals also advised him 
to get removed both from the party as soon as possible because they were like snakes 
hidden in grass.
Mr Yadav shared with his supporters that such behaviour of the duo had hurt him badly 
and he was also aware of some of their similar activities earlier. When he brought the 
issue to notice of his mother, she did not take any notice and also reprimanded him, he 
disclosed adding that how in such a situation of ongoing pressure on him, he could 
continue in politics.
The elder son of RJD chief Mr Prasad, in his final remarks dropped enough hints of 
quitting politics if such a situation continued in party and his family, saying it would be 
difficult for him to continue in public life. 
In his own style, Mr Yadav also announced that Mr would contest 
from Mahua seat in next assembly elections, if his point of view was not considered in