The Rafale Roar: Neighbour's envy, owner's pride

Last Modified Thursday, 30 July 2020 (14:21 IST)
-Vishal Bharti
Jammu:On the arrival of fleet of aircraft at Airbase on Wednesday afternoon, the Defence Experts here termed it as a proud moment for India, but pressure for the enemy, as their nefarious designs are going to be shattered.
The former Army officers are of the opinion that induction of the 'super machine' (Rafale) have further strengthened the Armed Forces of the country, particularly the Indian Air Force.
Brigadier (Retd) Anil Gupta, talking to UNI here said, ''Despite the best efforts of Pak stooges and of the Chinese by going to the Apex Court that India doesn't get the Rafale deal, it is a great day for the country and the Indian security forces.
''Rafale is not an ordinary fighter plane. It is an omnirole aircraft, which means that it goes beyond the needs of the assigned mission.
''It is equivalent to 2-3 aircraft of the enemy. Secondly, it is a real force multiplier. The aircraft is so well designed and the engine is so well modified that it can operate from higher altitude airfields," said the ex-Serviceman, adding that the aircraft suits to LOC/LAC and if needed, can be deployed at the Ladakh airbase.
''Thirdly, it has got a particular type of beyond visual image, air to surface missile called "Hammer," which can destroy hard targets like tunnels, buildings and bunkers, without crossing the borders," he said and added that due to its capabilities, it becomes a formidable aircraft and enemies never wanted Rafale to join the Indian fleet.(UNI)