This is enough to say enough is enough!

Sushobhit Saktawat Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2017 (14:26 IST)
When your city turns into a ‘gas chamber’ and your kids can't find their ways to the schools, is that situation finally grave enough for you to say "enough is enough" or not?
Only that this happens every year and it is going to happen all over again, such is the helplessness that Dehlites find inside their hearts, settled deep down there, in the wake of each November!
That part of the year is back again and the all encompassing, all pervading has shrouded the inside it, like a little butterfly, lost in the bewilderment!
This smog is so thick that you can actually punch a hole in it, and why wouldn't you want to!
There are diwali fire crackers, there is the notorious pollution and there are crop-burning farmer all around the national capital, the whole situaltion sounds so hopeless that nobody knows how to get out of it!
Before we start feeling sorry for our kids, we must wake up and call it high time, else it will be far too late. This is enough to say enough is enough!
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