UP: Ward boy dies after COVID-19 vaccination, officials say death due to heart disease not vaccine

Last Updated: Monday, 18 January 2021 (14:23 IST)
Moradabad: The postmortem report of the deceased ward boy, who was given on January 16, confirmed here on Monday that he died due to heart attack.

Official sources here on Monday said that there was no lapses in the Covid vaccine and the health worker collapsed due to massive heart attack.
The of district hospital Mahipal Singh (46) was rushed to the hospital on Sunday due to chest chest pain after he was given Covid vaccine on Saturday. 
However, the Viscera have been preserved.
He died on Sunday evening at the emergency ward of the hospital.
Sources said a three-member doctor team conducted the postmortem and their report suggested that the main cause of the death was heart attack.
But the family members of the deceased said that the deceased was suffering from high fever on Saturday after the vaccination and complained of chest pain on Sunday morning. (UNI)