Watch: Pondy Health Minister cleans toilet in COVID-19 ward after patients complaints

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2020 (11:00 IST)
Puducherry: cleaned a toilet in a covid ward in Indira Gandhi government Medical College (IGMC), after patients complained of unclean toilets.

Minister cleans toilet in ward after patients complaints" width="740" />
The Minister who had been visiting Covid wards in private and government hospitals, during his inspection of Covid wards in IGMC on Saturday, received complaints of unclean toilets.  Immediately he asked for cleaning brush and materials and went inside the toilet and started cleaning it himself.
Though the toilets are cleaned three times a day, with 75 patients using the same toilets in a ward, maintenance becomes difficult. With sanitary personnel a problem, and more sanitary workers cannot be deputed for more number of cleaning.  Hence he advised the young patients to maintain the toilets after use so that toilets remain clean.

“It can be cleaned if we want it”, the Minister told the young patients as he rubbed the toilet pan with the toilet brush. (UNI)