Post Splitsville, PK asks JDU supremo Nitish, where will Bihar stand after 10 yrs?

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 February 2020 (15:46 IST)
Patna: Political strategists today challenged Chief Minister to roll out road map that his government would do in the next ten years to place the state in top ten developed states of the country and alleged that what had been done so far during Mr Kumars' regime proved to be insufficient.
Referring to the claims of Nitish Kumar regarding the steps taken for the development of health, education, infrastructure including road, electricity and others, Prashant Kishor, a friend turn foe of Nitish Kumar told newspersons here that instead of making such claims Mr Kumar will have to unfold his vision where he wishes to see Bihar in the next ten years. Terming the steps initiated by Mr Kumar during his regime for the development of the state as insufficient, he said that Bihar continues to remain as poor as it was in the year 2005. 
Sharing socio-economic data of the state, Mr Kishor alleged that the socio-economic parameters indicate that Bihar is still in the list of most undeveloped states adding that Mr Kumar made "tall claims". He said that Mr Kumar claims of an increase in enrolment in schools but the educational scenario did not improve.

Similarly, the electricity connection was available in every household but the capacity of the people for electric consumption did not improve and the majority of them were still capable of using only a single bulb and a fan, he added.
Mr Kishor who was recently expelled from JD(U) challenged the leaders to come forward with the projections where Bihar will stand in the next ten years, said that with the help of the youth he would strive to accomplish his mission of placing  Bihar in the rank of top ten states in the next ten years in the country. 
The income of the people of the state will have to be increased by eight folds to get a place among the top ten developed states, he added.
Stressing the need for long term strategy for the development of the state, Mr Kishor further said that anyone interested in joining the mission for placing Bihar in the list of top ten ranked states in the next ten years would be welcomed. He said that even  Mr Nitish Kumar or Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi would be welcomed with open heart and mind if they wish to join the mission.
Speaking about the law and order condition of Bihar Mr Kishor referred to the statements of Mr Kumar and said that the Bihar chief minister compares the condition with that of Lalu- Rabri regime while claiming the situation to be improved one. He questioned when "Mumbai can remain awake till whole night why cannot Bihar?"(UNI)