Will 'voting from anywhere' be seen during Bihar Assembly elections?

Last Modified Saturday, 26 September 2020 (15:11 IST)
New Delhi:The Bihar Assembly elections during October-November-India's first major under COVID shadow-raises a 'query' whether the Election Commission (EC) will be able to 'accomodate' the 'lost voters' in the poll process.
The on Friday announced polls over three phases to the 243-seat Bihar Assembly.Informatively, a "Lost Votes" campaign, initiated by a media House last year, found 290 million 'lost votes' across country.
The campaign saw the largest-ever collective voice being raised for a cause, with over a million people petitioning for it.The EC, after the campaign had announced that they were working on a permanent, technology-led solution to enable voting from any city.
However, according to sources, the number of electorate from Bihar, residing in other States for different reasons, is  yet to be declared officially.As the largest democracy in the world, India is abode to an enormous population of 1.3 billion people and counting.
In the face of technological advancements, a large concentration of the Nation's population has migrated from their hometowns in search of better employment, education, post marriage or for other reasons.But, millions of citizens fail to partake in casting their vote due to geographical constraints.(UNI)