WPI inflation rises to 2.03 pc in January from 1.22pc in December

Last Updated: Monday, 15 February 2021 (15:42 IST)
New Delhi: Wholesale price inflation (WPI) mounted to 2.03 per cent in January, compared to 3.52 per cent in corresponding period last year, a statement issued by Union ministry of Commerce and Industry on Monday said.

WPI in December 2020 was 1.22 per cent. The market remains inward and demand is normal.
In 2021, prices of food articles declined. Coarse cereal prices reduced by 7.34 per cent, paddy 0.12 percent wheat 11.62 percent, pulses 22.04 per cent, onions 32.53 per cent, baby oil and natural gas 14.96 per cent, petrol 10.29 per cent and high speed diesel 13.65 per cent.
Prices of meat, fish and egg have come down by 1.76 per cent.
In the same period, prices of fruits rose 3.08 per cent, milk 3.56 per cent and LPG 2.68 per cent. (UNI)
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