76 pc of working women make their own financial decisions, says survey

Last Modified Friday, 8 March 2019 (11:03 IST)
Mumbai/New Delhi: A little over 76 per cent of make their own decisions, according to a survey taken up on the occasion of International Women's Day.
However, 59 per cent of self-employed women rely more often on their spouses for financial guidance compared to 48 per cent of salaried women. 
An impressive 88 per cent in both segments contribute to household income, though self-employed women enjoy a higher share of income.
These were some of the significant findings of a survey of women borrowers #WorkingStree  conducted by IndiaLends, an online lending platform.
The survey which was carried out among 8,800 working women in the 25-45 age group in both metro and non-metro cities ? helped gauge their personal and financial as well as health and leisure goals.
In other findings, 50 per cent of respondents preferred personal loans instead of home loans or loans against property. About 46 per cent of salaried women found it easier to obtain a personal loan compared to 32 per cent of self-employed, though the demand for business loans was higher among the latter. 
Almost all the respondents were aware of their credit scores.In the area of health and leisure, 86 per cent of women said they enjoyed a good work-life balance. 
However, 64 per cent of the respondents also admitted that they got less than five hours of 'me time' every week. Health was not a top priority for a majority of the women with only 48 per cent going for regular health checkups. 
When it came to spending, 67 per cent of the participants spent mostly on household items while 22 per cent spent on personal care products.
IndiaLends Founder and CEO Gaurav Chopra said, ''The #WorkingStree survey of working women offers a keen insight into the relationship between women and money, in particular their financial independence, knowledge of investment and spending habits. The survey gives us a broad understanding of how increasing gender equality and empowerment is giving women the confidence to take charge of their lives, both personally and professionally. 
''The findings will enable IndiaLends to offer tailor-made offerings to salaried and self-employed women, as part of our ongoing efforts to create a supportive environment that will give women greater freedom to make their own financial choices.''(UNI)