After 2 Lioness of Etawah Lion Safari infected with corona, 6 staff tested Covid positive

Last Updated: Saturday, 8 May 2021 (22:14 IST)
Etawah: After 2 were tested positive of in Etawah Lion Safari, now six staff of the Safari, including a veterinary doctor, were tested positive for COVID.

On Saturday, 85 employees of the Safari were tested with Rapid Antigen test in which five staff, 3 permanent and 2 contractual were found positive. Yesterday, the doctor, who was treating the animals, was also found Corona positive.
Regional Forest Officer of the Safari Vinit Saxena said here on Saturday that all the Corona positive staff have been asked to stay in isolation and their treatment has started.
However, all the staff found positive were not involved in the duty near the animals.
Etawah Safari Park director K K Singh has on Friday night while confirming about 2 Lioness getting infected with Corona said that sample tests of both the animals were found positive by IVRI, Bareilly.
The Lioness got infected are four-year-old Gauri and nine-year-old Jennifer.
Both lioness were not having their regular diet and also having fever after which the blood and stool samples were sent to IVRI early this week.
Now both the Lioness were kept in isolation and medical treatment has started.
Meanwhile, Mr Saxena said both the Lioness were stable now and both have started roaming. But still they are not having regular diet but their haemoglobin was 14. (UNI)