Ask for 100 and get Rs 500, People made a beeline before this ATM

Last Modified Thursday, 9 January 2020 (16:18 IST)
of were in for a big surprise when an in the city started dispensing Rs 500 notes instead of Rs 100. As soon as the news of the fault spread, people gathered to form long queues there and soon withdrew all the money from the ATM,
Bank officials disclosed this only yesterday that by that time many people already withdrew total amount of Rs 1.50 lakh from the ATM. A private agency worker, who installed the cash into the machine, had wrongly inserted Rs 500 into Rs 100 slot. When the bank was finally informed, it was too late. The ATM was shut down till the note placement was corrected. 
Canara Bank is now finding out the addresses of the people who withdrew the money through their debit cards and is requesting them to return the money.

The incident occurred  few days back in the Kohinoor road in Madikeri. People were surprised at seeing the inflated amount but soon enough began withdrawing as much as possible.
However, people had refused to give back the money. Bank workers filed a complaint on January 7 at the city police station in this regard, and when police contacted people, they returned back money into the Bank. Now, the Bank got all the money back which was withdrawn from the fault ATM.(UNI)
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