BJP MP Saumitra Khan to divorce wife Sujata Khan for joining TMC

Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 December 2020 (13:59 IST)
Kolkata: BJP’s youth wing president (MP) on Tuesday sent a divorce notice to his estranged wife Sujata Mondal Khan, a day after she joined the ruling Trinamool Congress.

Mr Khan on Monday had announced that he would send a separation notice to her wife, who helped the BJP leader to win the Bishnupur seat in Bankura in 2019 parliament election.
Mr Khan while addressing the media conference also broke down in tears and accused the ruling party for breaking the family of his ten years association with Sujata.
“You were respected as a BJP MP’s wife. can break families. You [Sujata Mondal Khan] have got me votes and are a part of my victory. but I now release her from my name and surname. Those who broke our house, we will not forgive them,” Mr Khan said and vowed that he would dedicate his life for the BJP and ensure the defeat of the TMC in the 2021 assembly poll.
Sources said the on Tuesday sent the divorce notice to his estranged wife though his lawyer.
Sujata Mondal on Monday joined the TMC in presence of MP Sougata Roy and Kunal Ghosh.
Ms Mondal said she was feeling suffocated with the BJP and now she was relief. (UNI)