Elephant caught b/w rail barricades rescued by forest officials in Bandipur national park

Last Updated: Friday, 22 January 2021 (13:59 IST)
Mysuru: Forest officials rescued a wild which was caught between at N Beguru forest range of on Friday.

Forest officials said the incident occurred when an adult elephant tried to squeeze itself through the rail barricade installed to curb human-elephant conflict around Bandipur, got trapped and had a harrowing time before the field staff and local villagers could reach the spot and free it by removing one of the railings.
The has undertaken the task of erecting rail barricades along the boundaries of forest patches to reduce the number of cases. There have been many instances where elephants, including calves, have been seen crossing over the barricades. There are also instances where elephants have died while trying to cross over, by getting stuck between them officials said. (UNI)