Ex-Armyman disinherits son from property for taking part in farmers’ agitation in Delhi

Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 March 2021 (14:20 IST)
Hamirpur: Upset
over his son’s involvement in the farmers agitation in Delhi, an ex-serviceman of of this district of has decided to disinherit him from his property- both movable and immovable.
This is perhaps the first case of this kind being reported in the country.
Ajmer Singh, a former soldier of Jamali village in Badsar, subdivision of district has openly supported the three farm acts of the central government saying that they were in the larger interest of the people and his son Paramjit Singh didn’t even know when to plough the fields and then to harvest the crops and what crops meant for him.
The former soldier has called the ongoing farmer’s agitation wrong and has appealed to the Delhi Police to break the bones of his son who was involved in the movement. 
retired from the Indian Army in the year 2005.  After retirement, he runs a shop in his village and does farming with other family members
Paramjeet is his only son, who is married.  The daughter-in-law and granddaughter are at home, while the son was in Delhi three-four days before to participate in the peasant movement.
Ajmer Singh identified his son while he was interviewing on a TV channel.  In an interview on the local channel, Paramjeet justified the farmers’ movement and raised slogans against the Prime Minister and the central government on the channel itself.
Singh was enraged after seeing this and now has evicted his son from his property. He said that the peasant movement going on in Delhi is not right.  “These people are getting free food and other facilities and had no other work to do”, Ajmer said.
People of the district are surprised by the decision of the ex-serviceman and are forced to discuss this issue with others being important in nature. (UNI)