Fraudster withdraw Rs 6 lakh from Ram temple Trust account in Ayodhya

Last Modified Thursday, 10 September 2020 (15:59 IST)
Ayodhya:Fraudster have now started attacking the new bank account of the Shree Ramjanambhoomi Temple Terth Khetra Trust
and have withdrawn Rs 6 lakhs through fake cheques.
Earlier, the police had arrested people in Meerut and other places who were collecting donations on the name of the Ram temple, but now police were in search of the fraudster, who have  withdrawn such big amount of money from the account of the Trust.
The Trust authorities have lodged an FIR at the Kotwali police station here on Wednesday where they charged that Rs 6 lakhs were withdrawn through fake cheques two times. First of Rs 2.5 lakhs  and second time Rs 3.5 lakhs from a bank in Lucknow.
Police sources here on Thursday said that the case has been handed over to the cyber cell, who are investigating the matter.
Trust General Secretary Champat Rai, while confirming about the fraud, said that the disclosure was made when the fraudster deposited  the third fake cheque for withdrawing Rs 9.86 lakh in a Bank Of Baroda (BOB) branch in Lucknow." When the bank called us for verification of withdrawal of such a big amount, the fraud was noticed and immediately the police was informed," he said while adding that after checking the account it was found that Rs 6 lakhs through 2 fake cheques were already withdrawn.
DSP, Ayodhya,  Rajesh Kumar Rai said here on Thursday that Rs 2.50 lakh were withdrawn through a fake cheque on September 2 and the second time of Rs 3.50 lakh on September 3.
He said that an investigation was underway and very soon, the culprits would be apprehended.Earlier, in Meerut several people were caught when they were collecting donations on the name of construction.(UNI)