Illegal immigration, syndicates, extortion hurdles to West Bengal’s development: Modi

Last Updated: Friday, 23 April 2021 (21:46 IST)
Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said illegal immigration, syndicates, are hurdles to West Bengal’s development.

Addressing a virtual addresses rallies in Suri, Malda, Berhampore, and Bhawanipur via video conferencing, Mr Modi said, people of Bengal want dignity of labour, ease of living, ease of doing business
Expressing gratitude towards the voters for their support, Modi said, “I came to you with a message of ‘Asol Poriborton’ and you have blessed me and BJP with high voter turn out. I thank you for this.”
He said these polls are not just to change a government but it is for the aspirational Bengal. People across the state want to see the state return to its old glory days.
The Prime Minister promised that if brought to power, BJP will use technology to transform Kolkata, the ‘city of joy’, to city of future
He said they will set up fast track courts across Bengal for providing speedy justice to women
The PM said elections are not just for a change in the government
Mr Modi said Bengal is waiting for governance where every dept of the government works honestly and carries out its duty. Free of discrimination and full of harmony - West Bengal is voting for such a government.
He said Bengal yearns for peace, security and development.
“I can see the rise of an aspirational and optimistic West Bengal in these polls. Be it villages or cities, I can see yearning for a better life,” the PM said.
Mr Modi also apologised to the people of West Bengal for being unable to visit the state.
“Due to the Covid situation in the country, I was busy in important meetings since this morning. I am connecting with you now through technology,” he added. (UNI)