Leopard created a ruckus in Indore city, 4 injured in man animal conflict

Last Updated: Thursday, 11 March 2021 (19:29 IST)
Indore: A entered the city periphery and created a ruckus among the residential locality in the Limbodi area of city. Around 4 people including a woman have been reportedly injured due to the man-animal conflict. The was on a hunt to nab the carnivore but it managed to flee and hide on the farm. It was again seen in the Limbodi area and after a time-taking operation, the big cat was held in the net.
The leopard of the area ventured outside his habitat and reached a house located in Limbodi where a woman was cooking food in Kitchen and her husband Khemraj Rathore was taking bath. The animal took a back door entry into the house and the terrified woman started running. The big cat attacked the lady from behind and left her injured with three lethal bites.
After hearing the nuisance her husband came from the bathroom and shooed the leopard away. Fortunately, no harm was reported to the kids of the couple who were present in the home during this incident. 
Besides, The leopard also injured a forest ranger and a watchman. Earlier on Wednesday same leopard forced forest officials to work tooth and nail to trap, but to no avail. Post a 6-hour long operation leopard managed to escape. 
Later a goat was kept in a cage to trap the carnivore animal, this move also proved futile. Today in the Limbodi area the leopard was hidden in an under-construction building of a roof after the face-off. The forest officials were trying to tranquilize the wild animal with a special gun. Finally, the beast became unconscious and was nabbed not before sending the chill down the spine of residents. (WD)