Liquor home delivery services to be available in Chhattisgarh

Last Updated: Sunday, 3 May 2020 (18:07 IST)
Raipur: Liquor shops will open in in view of the new guidelines of the Centre for Lock-down-3, beginning tomorrow and of the booze will be available for the first time in the state.

According to an order issued today by Under Secretary, Commercial Tax (Excise Department) regarding the opening of the liquor shops in the state, liquor will also be provided through the delivery boys in the state. Delivery boys will be appointed through placement agency. The delivery rates of alcohol will be determined with inclusion of cost of hiring delivery boys of placement agency.
According to this order, liquor shops will open at 0800 hours and will be closed at 1900 hours. With this, the predetermined quantity of purchase of liquor and beer has also been increased. Premium liquor shops selling good quality liquor will also be selling liquor of minimum price range.
It may be mentioned that country and foreign liquor shops in the state are being run by the state government itself for the last three years instead of the contractors. Workers in liquor shops were appointed through placement agencies. Liquor consumption is high in Chhattisgarh. Liquor is also a major source of income for the state government.
Considering it as a major income source, the Bhupesh Baghel Government could not take final decision to ban it despite promising a complete liquor ban during last assembly elections.
Rather efforts were made to open liquor shops even during lockdown. However, the government had to backtrack after the matter reached the High Court. (UNI)