PM lights-out campaign: Only home lights are to be switched off: Electricity Dept

Last Updated: Sunday, 5 April 2020 (11:20 IST)
Panaji: The Chief Electrical Engineer of the Electricity Department has informed that as per the appeal of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, only Home lights are to be switched off between 2100 hrs and 2109 hrs today and all other appliances are to be kept running.

In a statement, the Electricity Department informed that the was robust and Grid stability would be maintained during the period.
“The public are advised, not to have any apprehensions of grid failure, as is being circulated in social media, as the Grid Authorities have planned, well in advance and there will hence, be no impact of any such kind, on the operation of the Grid. The public are advised only to switch off lights and not household appliances like fans, air-conditioners and refrigerators which are normally used in households,” the statement said.
“All the street lights within the State of Goa will be kept in “ON” condition for security reasons. The lights of essential services like hospitals, police stations, water supply system, substation control rooms, etc. will also be kept in “ON” condition. All concerned Grid authorities of India are working together to safely handle this event on April 05, 2020 (Sunday) and there should not be any sort of panic among the public,” the statement added. (UNI)