How Ragini is different from Raga in Indian classical music

Last Updated: Monday, 19 February 2018 (17:25 IST)
-Shruti Mukhiya

When we talk about the Indian Classical it needs clairvoyance to understand it. It is like a deep ocean, endless journey. It is like what you have achieved is equal to none. is like you have given five colors, now it is up to you how you can use it. Raga is not only about the notes (swaras), tempo, Sadhna, strict pattern(aaroh avroh) but the amalgamation of all these elements into one and only a is the one who makes it possible to know music, a disciple is nothing and also has a lot of traits but can’t dig himself unless the technique is taught! He is the bridge between the imagination and to make it real.

Thousands of Raga, were sung, played by various artists. Do you know How Ragini is different from Raga? Well the answer to the question is “imagination” what makes an artist different from the other. Every artist has the power of Imagination on the basis of which he nurtures a particular Raga like a flower, similar to a painter who paints his imagination. But there are only a few who touches the soul, the imagination makes all the difference. The qualities which touches the soul are purity, the sadhna, accuracy of swaras,
bhava.  What is inside reflects outside it can be joy, pain, depth every emotion came out through an artistic work.

Every Raga has its flavor some are serious in nature like Raga Bhairav, Raga Ahir Bairav, Raga Nat Bhairav, Raga Bhairavi ,Raga Todi they mainly include komal swaras that palpate your soul intensively. On other hand, some Raga are lightheaded in nature like Vridawani Sarang, Raga Des, Raga  Bageshri. There are only twelve swaras on which music of the entire world depends. How is it possible? The mystery is beyond science,  matheamatics. To express  the power of these 12 swaras is a Hercules task.(WD)
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