5 Things to do on Valentines Day, If you are single

Author Koyal Tuteja Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 February 2018 (12:43 IST)
Valentine's Day, this holiday is designed to remind us about love, and who still haven't found the love of their life are known as "The ones". Yeah, you are upset when you don't have a bf/gf on day, but if the day is all about love then why not celebrate yourself this Valentine's. Love, in any form, is amazing.
Here are 5 Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You're All Single:
1. A bottle of beer, Pizza and Netflix! : 
Forget that Valentines day, even exist. How about inviting your up for beer and watching your favorite season of FRIENDS with them on Netflix! Sounds great?
2. Planning a trip with your single friends: 
This is the best you can bring out of the Valentines Day. Maybe this could become your "Thank god my friends and i are single" Day. Planning a trip will definitely divert your mind and you can chill with your single friends.
3. Try a new workout: 
Yoga, may open up your heart. The workout is one of the purest-forms of self-care. Maybe this valentine losing pounds will make you much happier than looking out for love.
4. Grab a latte at your favorite coffee shop:
Get up and grab a latte for yourself. Think how you are going to live this day despite of not having a boyfriend. Well, no one knows you better than you know yourself. You might end up thinking that you are best when you are single.
5.  Flirt:
Well, you are single, have fun. At least you can flirt with the other single guys, that is going to make you feel better. Not in relationship or something, just healthy flirting. And is the perfect day to do so.