7 things girlfriends will always hide from their boyfriends

Koyal Tuteja Last Updated: Saturday, 20 January 2018 (11:30 IST)
You start someone, after a period of a time you are in a relationship. This is how it goes. Right? But, do you know women are the masters of their secrets? It doesn't matter how well you know your girlfriend, there are certain things going on in her mind and you have no idea about it! There are some secrets she's hiding, maybe she's afraid of telling you. But, these are the common girlfriends hide from their boyfriends:
1.  She's in touch with her ex: 
Yeah, that's a big secret. You might have accepted this fact that she's in touch with her ex but she won't inform you about every time he calls. It doesn't mean she's cheating on you, it’s just that she doesn't want to hurt you or else she just wants to keep it a secret.

2.  Her BFF knows "EVERYTHING" about you:
Your talks about "everything" with her bff. Yes! And you are on the hit list. Your girlfriend's bff knows a lot about you. She's the one who gives her great advices and she knows a lot of your secrets too. You can't even imagine what girls talk about behind your back. One significant thing that differs between men and women.

3.  Hanging out with your friends? No, she doesn't like that: 
She would never ever say this on your face and pretend she is having a great time with you and your friends and if she's actually having fun, you are lucky enough to find the "one". Maybe she'll tell you she's uncomfortable with your buddies, but she would never tell you directly that she hates them.

4.  She has planned the future:
You think you guys are "living in the moment" but if she's serious about the relationship, she has already planned the future dude! At least she knows what color dress she is going to wear on the wedding day. If you propose her, she'll pretend she haven't thought about it because she wants you to discern her as an independent woman. 

5.  She Hates your Mom:
She hates her, no, no, she loves her. This is confusing apart from the fact that she hates her. You are lucky if your girlfriend and your mom are totally getting along. In most of the cases, girlfriend thinks mom is interfering in the relationship and mom is jealous because your girlfriend has now become the most important women. Well, you have to deal with it. 

6.  Baby! You look so beautiful..How??
The reply you get: "I don't know, this is how i look..!" Your girlfriend wants you think she was born as a model and even without makeup, she looks so amazing. Accept this. Two things: She was actually born as a supermodel or she's hiding her beauty tricks. In every case, hiding beauty tricks is true. You have no idea how many beauty tricks she uses and guess what, it’s all for you.
7.  She is best at hiding her insecurities:
She knows her nose is big or her eyes are small or her belly fat is noticeable and she knows people observe this, but she would never tell you this because she doesn't want you to notice all these things..EVER..! People would like her if she is so confident of the fact that she would never admit about the insecurities she has for her looks. Whether its a small pimple she thinks about it, time to time.