Birth of Twin Baha’i Prophets Celebrated at Jimmy McGilligan Centre

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 November 2018 (13:04 IST)
For Sustainable Development Celebrated 200th birth anniversary of Twin Baha’i
Prophets Bab and Baha’u’llah  in village Sanawadiya ,at the residence of   Janak Palta McGilligan and her husband late  Jimmy McGilligan both followers of  Baha’i  Faith yesterday on Nov 9 ,2018 .Janak Palta McGilligan welcomed all the guests to this very Unique  occasion of celebrating the birth of   “Twin Manifestations of God” Bab and Baha’u’llah because they are Divinely  inextricably linked: The Bab  is the Forrunner of Baha’i Faith whose mission was to  prepare the way for the coming of “He Whom God shall make manifest,  Baha’u’llah.Both are Divine Educators .

Together these twin Luminaries born in Iran , came to usher in an age of oneness of humankind,  peace and justice promised in all the world’s religions”. According to prophecies about their coming as messengers of God when “earth will be transformed, the world of existence will be renewed. Justice and truth will encompass the world; enmity and hatred will disappear; all causes of division among peoples, races and nations will vanish; and the cause of union, harmony and concord will appear.” Both gave their lives for bringing the world together and establishing New World Order,Universal Peace , Oneness of God, Relgions and humanity , Freedom from Prejudices ,empowerment and spiritual oneness of humanity, and the abandonment of prejudice, harmony between Science and Religion,Equality of  Man and Women.

Bab and his followers  faced persecution .He was martyred  at the age of 33  with 750 gunfires . Baha’u’llah spent 40 years living in harsh conditions in prison and exile. But their teaching and following is spread all over the world.Baha’i  Lotus Temple in India is world famous and well respected and recognized for spreading the message of communal harmony and peace with respect to all religions .Millions of Baha’is all over the world celebrate  this festival in the spirit of  unity in diversity among all of humanity and are actively involved in Socio-Economic-spiritual-Environmental Development .Janak said “ Baha’i Faith is the  GPS of her life. She and her husband have strived to follow the teachings in action and her concept of Sustainable Development also means Sustaining the relations with all Creations of God, humans, animal kingdom,vegitation ,minerals and five elements of nature for the Love of its Creator .Purpose of our life is to save and sustain these creations’Prayers were Chanted by  IT Expert Sameer Sharma, Metal Artist Deval Verma, Varun Raheja the Solar  Dryers Engneer, Psychatrist Seema Anis, Sunil Chouhan, Gurbax singh , Kaira Surekha ,Neelima head of Helen O Gredy.

Also present were Nikky Surekha of Cow farm with all the Surekha family, Govin Maheshwari leading Organic farmer in Sanwadiya and his family, well known Environmentalist and Tree Saver Rajender Singh and his family Pro JaiShree Sikka and Engneer Kirti Sikka , Nanda  Rajendra Chouhan and Raveena Chouhan.Programme was conducted by Sameer  Sharma.

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