A country without a "condom" battles AIDS and unwanted pregnancies

Last Updated: Friday, 3 May 2019 (16:57 IST)
Harare: is now facing serious challenges as donors are pulling back, Dr Owen Mugurungi from Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care said. 

"Zimbabwe is facing serious challenges as donors, who provide free condoms are pulling back yet the country is not yet capable of funding its self. Donors are pulling back of the current economic situation, the and taxes are being paid in Bond notes yet they buy them in United States dollars.", he said.
Accusing the government of taking no measures even when Condom consumption has already exceeded by 30 percent news quoted the minister as saying that, "The other problems we are facing are that, we have over 50 million condoms in the warehouses but its taking long for them to be tested and they cannot be used without being tested first.

There are also limited condom brands; in fact, we only have one female brand and a few male ones which is really sad because women are being left out in the fight against HIV and AIDS, STIs and unwanted pregnancies."
"At the moment we urge all Zimbabweans to stop using condoms for the wrong reasons like making floor polish, and the those who afford to buy condoms should buy and leave the few free ones for the less privileged," Dr Mugurungi added.(UNI)