A virgin, even after sex!

Muslim girls who have lost virginity, are still trying to presernt themselves as a virgin

Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2017 (15:38 IST)
Yes, you heard it right. And this is what has been happening in Tunisia. Girls who have lost virginity, are still trying to represernt themselves as a virgin and there is a trick behind it.
A report published in BBC Hindi, tells us about this now common practice in Tunisia. In this fanatic Islamic country, sexually active girls are applying a fake in their genitals so that they appear virgin when their husbands take them.
Social scientists see it as backward approach towards female sexuality, but then what could you have expected from an Islamic country!
Tunisian girls fear that if their husbands come to know that they have already lost their virginity then they will divorce them and their married life will be ruined. Therefore they manage to get a fake hymen placed inside their vagina.
The total process takes half an hour and doctors charge around 400 dollars!