Khandani Shafakhana is a family film about sex

Last Modified Tuesday, 16 July 2019 (15:07 IST)
Our society does not discuss openly, but we all know and agree that we would be a healthier society, were it so. KHANDAANI SHAFAKHANA takes this issue head-on, through a hilarious, yet socially relevant slice-of-life film.

Chronicling the story of a small-town Punjabi girl whose circumstances lead her to run a sex clinic, the film opens a window into the seldom-discussed subject.  A bold statement is made by and Director, Shilpi Dasgupta, by bringing out the taboos and shame of talking about sex, even amongst adults.
The makers of this film feel that much of the problems related to sex can easily be resolved if we just talk about them… Baat Toh Karo! Says director Shilpi Dasgupta, “Did you know that till very recently, sex education was banned in quite a few states of India? This is an issue we must all rally around.”
Sonakshi Sinha, who plays the lead role, concurs. "I decided to do this film because it's a very relevant and important subject that should be discussed. I don’t want anyone, woman or man, to shy away from talking about this topic. I hope my doing this film, will give them the courage to talk about sexual issues openly. I am sure this movie will get people thinking… and talking. Baat Toh Karo!"  
Shilpi Dasgupta, added: “Sonakshi really took on this challenge, something most people would be hesitant to even discuss, let alone play the role. We hope that we will be able to help people to no longer look at sex as a dirty word.”This is the only film about sex which is meant for the whole family!