Vaishakhi: A celebration of collective commemorations and mellow fruitfulness

The Vaishakhi
is named after the fruitful month of Vaishakh. The farmers of and are jubilated after harvesting the crop. It makes the prominent festival of Punjab and its adjacent regions. Vaishakhi is celebrated after the harvesting of crop. had laid foundation of on the same day on 13th April, 1699. Sikh Community also celebrates this festival as collective commemorations.
According to historians, when the atrocities of Mughals crossed all limits and the then Mughal Emperor assassinated Ji at Chandni Chowk, Guru Gobind Singh and his followers pledged to fight for the mankind and subsequently formed Khalsa Panth.
Suppressed by political and mental slavery and superstitious rituals, people had developed cowardice in their characters.

But lower caste people, who were otherwise considered untouchables, were accepted whole heartedly by and they were declared “Singh” after tasting auspicious nectar. The Formation of Khalsa Panth at was an uproar from the tenth Guru of Sikhs Gobind Singh ji to put an end to the atrocities of Mughals. 

Later Guru Gobind Singh also adorned ‘Panj Piyare’, the  five selected people from different  castes, who were given nectar to taste from the same urn and henceforth were called “Singh” of Sikh Community. Sometimes self adulation can grip wise men too, although mostly Ignorant has ego. Shallow people are easily prone to Pride or a subtle form of pride. Self-conceit of being an austere and saint is far more tempting. Therefore Guru Gobind Singh not only dethroned himself from Guru Gaddi but also prohibited the idol worshipping.

Vaishakhi holds a special significance for Hindus too. Along with Gudi Padwa, Vaishakhi is also marked as the beginning of a new year. A typical Hindu devotee takes bath at the break of dawn and worship God on this day. If Hindu mythology is to be believed, River had started flowing on Vaishakhi. In an attempt to pay tribute to the holy river, many Hindu devotees takes a dip in Ganges on this day.

In Kerala, Vaishakhi is popularly known as Vishu. It is celebrated with the same exuberance as people celebrate Diwali in North India. People wear fresh fabrics and fire crackers as “Vishu Kani” is adorned. It is decorated by Fruits, flowers, cereals, clothes, gold and it is worshipped in the morning. People pray for the prosperous on this ocassion.

As we return back to Punjab, we spare a glance on what is done through-out the day of Vaishakhi or Baisakhi as it is often called there. On this day, Punjabis’ dance to the rhythms of and Bhangra. Around a bone fire people congratulate each other for the harvest. Sikh devotees visit Gurudwara to offer Ardas.

The main festival is held at Anandpur Sahib. In a ceremony at early morning 4 am, is taken out ceremoniously. After a holy bath from milk and water, Granth Sahib is situated at a and “Panch Bani” is recited. After a “Kada Prasad” is offered to the devotees. Thereafter they all gather at Langer to get the auspicious food as Prasad. Devotees perform Karsewa on this day and the chant of can be heard through-out the day.
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