Almost 4 months! West indies cricketers are surviving without salaries

Last Updated: Friday, 24 April 2020 (22:34 IST)
New Delhi. Cricketers in the have not been paid their match fees since January this year as the governing body is financially in trouble at the moment. West Indies admitted that the players 'retainer' amount had been paid but the match fees had not been paid.
West Indies Players Association (WIPA) Secretary Wayne Lewis told a top-notch sports website, 'Monthly (and allowances) have been paid. The problem is that in the first-class competitions, eight retained players have not yet been paid the match fees.
Reportedly, the men's team has not been paid match fees for the series against Ireland in January (three ODIs and three T20s) and the tour to Sri Lanka (three ODIs and two T20s) in February-March. Women players are also to be paid match fees for four matches played in the T20 World Cup in February-March in Australia.
CEO Johnny Grave assured that payment would be made in the near future. He said, 'Cricket West Indies is going through a tough financially. We are trying to pay these players.