Avoid confrontation with Virat Kohli, du Plessis advises Australia

Last Updated: Saturday, 17 November 2018 (13:14 IST)
Melbourne: South African captain offered tips to Australia ahead of their big-ticket clashes against India: Avoid confrontation with and give him “silent treatment”.

Du Plessis said that his team gave India captain Kohli the “silent treatment” in an attempt to keep him quiet when the two teams squared off earlier this year.
“There are guys like that in international cricket who enjoy the confrontation. We feel like that when we play against someone like Virat Kohli, he wants to get into the fight,” the South African captain said.
Du Plessis’ South Africa beat India 2-1 in the series but Kohli emerged as the top run-getter with an aggregate of 286 from three Tests at an average of 47.66.