How is your day: 30th January

Last Modified Saturday, 30 January 2021 (10:33 IST)
Aries: Need a break? From all the unnecessary drama that you may not even have invited, although you could be linked in a strange way, its a temporary phase, things can only get better,
work wise journeys are short but tiring.
Taurus: Work gets more exciting and you very enthusiastic as you make the most of new avenues and prove your mettle, work on your competitive and at times envious streak and you are on top of things.
Gemini: Feeling wasted and yet enjoying a comfort zone at your present place of work will not work for you in the long run. If in love you discuss taking a romantic holiday. Enjoy planning over a cozy evening.

Cancer:  Big life decisions are on the cards today, approach them with patience and precision, those who desire to go overseas for work will be busy with loans and last minute formalities.
Leo:  The going gets tough and the tough get going more than ever fighting against all odds to give shape to their dreams and goals. Health needs constant care and a second medical advice in certain cases is advised.

Virgo: Work wise you take on what you can handle peacefully and move at your pace giving quality and order more importance than ever, love life comes to a halt, and rediscovering romance will cheer you up this evening.

Libra: Do not overestimate yourself or your success, there is much to be learnt and experienced, those in long term relationships face many an ego battle and will need to sort out.
Scorpio: Happy and bored but trying to put up a brave front is good for starters and teething problems will be over ,you finding yourself grounded and focused current date make the evening interesting.
Sagittarius:  Work and travel are your focus and you are ready to dive in and try your luck enjoying both, some of you receive much awaited news of a happy kind from family overseas and feel positive all round.
Capricorn:  Travel for business cum pleasure turns out more pleasure than you would have thought, letting your hair down briefly and enjoying yourself meeting new people and other adventures turns out happy.
Aquarius:  Work-wise, things pick up slightly and you seem to be in a great hurry, as insecurity and a sense of competition steps in, avoid negative thoughts and actions, and things will fall into place on their own.
Pisces:- Domestic harmony creeps in after much concerted efforts on your part and the co-operation of siblings today and you now feel good enough and strong to focus on business that has been going slow for a bit.
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