K'taka man breaks record of Usain bolt's 100 mtr sprint during buffalo racing

Last Modified Saturday, 15 February 2020 (13:28 IST)
Mangaluru: In a major surprise native from Mudbidri, Mangaluru ran 142.5 meters in 13.62 seconds at a organised in (Kambala) in a paddy field on Feb1 in Kadri. 
Later he was being compared to the fastest man on earth Usain bolt-on social media as he crossed 100 metres in just 9.55 seconds. It is to be noted that the record of to complete fastest 100-metres sprint is 9.58 seconds. 
However Srinivasa is quite modest on the comparison with Speedstar Usain Bolt He says, "Netizens may be comparing me with Usain Bolt. But He is a world-class athlete, I am only running in a slushy paddy field".
Twitterati also claims if Hyperlocal talents like these are trained India's performance at Olympics and other sports events will be improved drastically. (WD)