Mashrafe Mortaza reluctant to be in Imran Khan’s shoes

Last Modified Thursday, 20 December 2018 (11:42 IST)
Dhaka: was known as a top-notch all-rounder in the early Nineties. The captain who won the first world cup for in 1992 recently became the first citizen of his country after 22 years of political struggle. South Asian Cricketers entering into the political arena is no peculiar trend. 
Another all-rounder who has the highest probability to follow Imran‘s footsteps is captain Mashrafe Mortaza. Mortaza has a lot of similarities with Imran Khan. Mortaza is leading the Bangladesh from front, he bats lower down the order and bowls with the new ball. Everything what Imran used to do for Pakistan in ninties. 
Interestingly, Mortaza is contesting a seat from ruling Awami League Party in the upcoming elections of Bangladesh. His fans feel Mortaza may do an Imran Khan in Bangladesh, if  he has a good debut in upcoming election. However, Mortaza who has other plans,rubbished such reports. The man wants to do more for sports and Charity.
In a recent interview given to a leading English Daily, He said” "To be honest, the level where Imran Khan has reached, people cannot always reach there even if they want to”." "My desire is to do something for sports... since I am a sportsman, my wish is limited here. I will work for my region to see If I can do something good.” He added.
Mortaza has not donned white clothing since 2009. Besides, he has also bid adieu from the shortest format of the game. Clearly, the man who helped his team surge into the quarter-final of WC 2015 and semifinal of CT 2017 is in the eve of his career.  
Despite taking Bangladesh cricket to new heights, Mortaza faced wrath from the Bangladeshi citizen after he decided to jump into politics. The reason was his association with the ruling party led by Sheikh Hasina, who is accused of jailing opponents and strangulating dissent. 
On Public reaction, Mashrafe said that “All I can say from my position is the people who are in a different party or believe in a different political party belief, I don’t have any disrespect for them” he said.”Even though I am supporting my party wholeheartedly, I have 100 percent respect for them and will continue to have it” he added.