Sub-standard umpiring has forced ICC to think of an extra review

Last Modified Thursday, 28 May 2020 (15:09 IST)
Mumbai:The Cricket Committee Chairman has explained the reason behind recommending the use of an extra for each team as the cricket looks to restart after a forced break due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Kumble-led panel had proposed several measures to be introduced in international cricket for the resumption of the game post the COVID-19 crisis. One of them was also the use of local umpires in matches and introduction of an extra DRS for each team across formats in international cricket.
Reasoning the ICC Cricket Committee's recommendations, the former India captain said the suggestion to use of local umpires was made because of travel restrictions around the world in the wake of the pandemic.The legendary spinner said that it will be difficult for ICC to arrange neutral umpires in different countries during these tough times.
In order to deal with the inexperience of local umpires and help the teams, the committee recommended an extra in all three formats. Currently, each team is allowed two DRS per innings in Tests and one per innings in ODIs and T20Is. 
"I think the need of hour was to start cricket. We also felt that because of travel restrictions, there could be quarantine measures. You don't have too many elite umpires in the panel. So, we felt that for cricket to kickstart, its best to use local umpires," Kumble said on Star Sports show Cricket Connected.
"Most countries don't have the experience, the local umpires don't have the experience of a Test Match or being part of a Test match. The reason that we started neutral 20 years ago was because there was the perception of a bias.
"The recommendation for an extra review for both teams is not to root that out but we felt that there could be potential inexperience being in a Test match situation, which is why the advantage of the additional review would probably benefit both the teams," he added.Apart from this, one of the other major talking points in the latest guidelines has been the saliva ban.
The proposed ban has been deemed a short-term solution by many experts and former cricketers, who feel the move will prove to be a massive disadvantage for bowlers. However, Kumble explained that it was a temporary safety measure in such trying times.
"...this is only an interim measure and as long as we have hopefully control over COVID in a few months or a year's time then I think things will go back to as normal as it can be," Kumble said.
"If things get back to normal within three-four months and we are able to stage matches like we used to do in February and March, then these rules won't apply.As long as the medical advisory doesn't change, the rule will stay," he added.(UNI)