How is your day : 13th August

Last Modified Tuesday, 13 August 2019 (10:49 IST)
Travel is sudden, surprising and enterprising. You meet interesting people and new, intriguing contrasts. Those in long-term love relationships are at loggerheads with their stubborn mates. Be generous in spirit.
 Your ideas would be taken by some you trust. Be rather careful of deceitful persons and their ways today.  Strong headed and willful, you make interesting changes at work, heading towards a bumper success.
: Creative and controlled. Your demeanor will attract to you exactly what aim at if employed discrepancies at work are noticed. You could be pulled up. Take responsibility. Do it differently next time.

: Domestic upheavals and arguments at home could be never ending. Focus on work/business - it needs your attention. Topsy-turvy is your journey and yet enriching and fulfilling in every way. Focus on the latter.
:  Those in the counseling field do better than expected and promotions and appreciation are plenty. Loved ones are proud. Second source of income is enhanced and you splurge on purchasing a luxury item you desire.
: Success depends on you. Make good use of the time and opportunities on hand. You can now dictate your terms and others are more than accepting to work around your schedule today.
Libra :  All you need is focus, encouraging words and someone to stand by you in trying moments today. The universe does tough rivals and underhand dealings in your chosen field. Part and parcel of your choices.
Scorpio :  Romantic and sentimental at heart, you decide to keep your guard down and enjoy life in its truest form. Happiness is a state of mind. Work your way out of old nagging issues. You are worth much more.
: Anything new you commence today will do well and positive response will be immediate. Keep the faith. Compromises are demanded of you at work. You resist change and getting it is inevitable.
Capricorn :  You are ready to walk that extra mile to make a difference to your career goals that you feel need to look into with more concerted efforts and conviction from your side.
Aquarius :  Let your mind not race overtime when it comes to things and situations you have changed from what they had scheduled to be. Finances need sorting out.
Pisces:-  New emotional start begins brightly and happily. Keep the faith. New work proposals are worth considering. Take it on peacefully. Travel for some is lucrative. Make the most of it.
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