How is your day: 14th May

Last Modified Monday, 14 May 2018 (10:27 IST)
Business people face issues when it comes to loans. Try to be sensible about not making more promises than you can keep, as your goodwill will be at your stake. Domestic life is peaceful. 

Taurus: A small business venture you had begun with a close pal may run into trouble as you realize that the foundation you build on is shaky. You have the choice to bail out or give it another try.

Gemini:  You refuse to be more understanding when it comes to work related matters and your authoritative ways can prove harmful to work. as others may feel they do not have the freedom they desire. 

Cancer: Your opinion of yourself is high and overconfidence is a good thing. But hoping that others will view you as indispensable in any light. Prove your mettle by being honest and showing more integrity in thoughts.

Leo: You are in your element today, as you feel more positive about work related matters. Money is not all-important to you and feeling validated by associates and seniors is your big reward and award. 

Virgo:  Being yourself is important to you and you do not compromise with your vision whether it concerns your professional life or personal. Students appearing for examinations fare well.

Libra: Work-wise, things seem to be happy and those dealing in jewellery and garments benefit from many new orders and clients this evening.

Scorpio: Domestic life needs your personal time and attention today and everything else can just wait. Success is slow and significant. If single, being more open is not enough. Drop the fear and you will see miracles. 

Sagittarius: Making time for all your interests, is very much something you contemplate and work towards. Marriage bells for the single indicated.

Capricorn:  Order comes from a clean and clear mind. Make sure your thoughts are happy and you wish all well, keeping resentments and envy out. Your personal life will rise and shine, at work a late evening is indicated. 

Aquarius: Work sorts itself out as you follow your hunches blindly and create waves, action oriented plans follow suit, money owed is further delayed, make those important calls and get assertive, health improves considerably. 

Pices: Unpredictable and uneasy comes from being unsure where your heading, drop control and know that all that you seek is within you, and a stones throw away. Start with an honest intention.
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