Today's Birthday: 15th October

Last Modified Thursday, 15 October 2020 (10:36 IST)
Happy Birthday & welcome to special section of Webdunia . Here, We render the & shed light on the personality of the Birthday Boy/ Girl.

If your birthday falls on the 15th
of the month, then your becomes (1+5) 6. Number 6 people are influenced by Venus planet. People affected by Venus have a magnetic personality and are jolly in nature. Besides, they are inclined towards the field or the arts. Banking on high self confidence they remain unaffected by adverse circumstances. They are quiet ambitious in life. The malicious traits of planet Venus are also seen in them. For instance, they are always tempted towards the people of the opposite sex.

: 6,15,24
: 6,  15,  24,  33,  42,  51,  69,  78
Lucky Year : 2016,  2022,  2026  
Ishtdev : Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi
Lucky color : Cream, white, Red, Violet

The year ahead: 

If preparing for the CA, this year you will crack the examination. A smooth road for the people involved in business and startups. Nubiles may get hitched with their soul mate this year. The Employee will be promoted as per the merit. A mixed situation in the married life is indicated. Caution is advised in financial matters.

Celebs with birth number 6

Dalai Lama
Teena Ambani
Subhash Ghai
A. R Rahman
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