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Purchase a 9 rs ticket in Bikini Airlines and travel Vietnam (Pics)

Last Updated: Monday, 26 August 2019 (14:29 IST)
New Delhi: One has to shell a hell lot of money for travelling abroad. The flight charges get a major chunk of your foreign trip. However, an airline has brought a special offer for Foreign trip aspirant Indians. Through which passengers can travel for a meagre 9 rupees. The flights will kick off from December 6.(Pics- Youtube)
of has come with the special package to Indians. The starting price of the few flights is reportedly 9 rs, not even double figure. These airlines are starting direct flights to India and Vietnam. Besides, In some of the flights, cabin crew would not be seen donning a formal uniform but a red-yellow coloUr bikini. This is the reason the airline has created a buzz and popularly known as Bikini Airline.
These airlines are starting direct flights from City and to New Delhi.  Airlines have launched a 3-day booking scheme from August 20-22.   If you are able to book "Super Saving Ticket" in these three days, then only 9 rs will be deducted from your account.
The return ticket from Delhi to Ho Chi Minh is Rs 4200(without an offer). The return journey (travel) will cost Rs 13,750. These flights will run four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) in New Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Here's how to book tickets: To book flight tickets, you can go to the official website www.vietjetair.com, mobile to m.vietjetair.com and mobile app to Vietjet Air. Where you will get the option of one way and round-trip. After selecting it, you will have to enter your details. After which you can book tickets by paying. (WD)
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