24 City slum girls of Kolkata to represent India in karate meet at Thailand

Last Modified Wednesday, 4 March 2020 (12:12 IST)
Kolkata:Altogether 24 slum girls from Kolkata will represent India in full contact at World Meet in Thailand this September.
Under the leadership of karate expert Ayesha Noor last year six slum girls from Kolkata took part in the held in Thailand and won one gold, two silver and three bronze medals. 
This year 24 slum girls are being selected to represent India in full contact karate event at the "World  Meet 2020 Thailand" to be held on September 28 at the Royal Rattnakoshin in Bangkok, Thailand. 
Eight girls in the team are from ward 39 Ittehadia karate training centre recently who won two gold and six silver medals at the recently held  24th National Open karate Championship, 2020. The team's chief patron and orgainisers is Md Jasimuddin, councillor of ward 39.The team members will take part in junior and senior categories fight belonging to age group 8yrs to 40 yrs.
For each participant the the total charge will be Rs 68000. Though selected team members are happy, they don't have even Rs 1500 to make their passports.
According to Mr M.A.Ali, President of Indian Karate Association, Full Contact Karate is a Non Olympic sports and the government does not grant any fund for it. 
However, he will write to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to sponsor the team.The event is organized by the World Mixed Martial Art Council (UK).The girls are trained in karate in various centres free of cost.(UNI)