5 Rummy situations that are a test to your brainpower

Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 June 2019 (12:22 IST)
Many times, you may come across difficult situations in a game of online rummy, and wonder how to tackle those. Probably, the opponent has got the you need, but is not discarding those. Or maybe you have more of unrelated cards? Maybe you did not get any wildcard Joker? Or what if all the players of the board are expert at the game?

There could be endless possibilities to the challenges in a game, but you must use your brainpower, knowledge of the game, and your unique game-play to secure a win. Today, we will discuss about some testing scenarios you can face while playing rummy, and ways to get around those like a pro.
  1. When Do Not Get Jokers­­
Joker card is a key to winning an Indian rummy game quickly. A pulled our Joker from the deck or a wildcard Joker can substitute a missing card to complete a set or an impure sequence. For instance, a Joker card can replace 6 of Heart to form an impure sequence – 5, Joker, 7 of Heart. So, it is quite obvious to get upset if you do not receive Jokers.

As now you have to use your mind skills and knowledge of rummy rules to find apt cards and form the necessary pure sequences/sets. Focus on pure sequences and then proceed to making sets to improve your chances at declaring the game soon.
  1. Tricked by a Rival Often
Have you been tricked by your rival in a rummy tournament or game more than once? Surely, you do not want that to happen repeatedly. So what do you do? You must try and understand the most common tricks the rival chooses. Beware; do not fall into the bait over and again.
So when you play rummy online with this player the next time, try tricking him/her instead by using a trick he/she does not seem to be aware about, or not good at.
  1. A Bad Hand
Do you think absence of Joker cards is challenging? Guess what, a bad hand is a real challenge. Here, you mostly receive all unrelated cards, making it difficult to form valid sequences or sets for a win. You have to spend more time and play more turns to declare the game. So what? You can take up the challenge than dropping out.

Start replacing cards with the ones you think can help form a pure sequence quickly. Discard high value cards, especially if you are playing a real cash rummy game. Do not pick cards from the open pile, until you are sure the cards are fitting into a natural run, set, or an impure sequence.
  1. Tough Opponents
What if all the opponents are expert players? Yes, then playing card games can get quite challenging. You have to carefully notice each and every move of all the players on the board. Keep in mind the cards the players have discarded and picked from the open pile. Use this observation to trick the opponents into discarding cards you want to form a sequence or a set.
If you are a beginner or not much experienced in rummy, then you can start with free card games to practice all the rummy techniques. This way you will be able to sharpen your gaming skills and tackle tough opponents in cash games.
  1. Too Many High-Value Cards
In a 13 card rummy game, face value cards (King, Queen, Jack, and Ace) carry 10 points each. These are high-value cards. Usually, you may receive a mix of number cards (cards between 2 and 10) and face cards. But, what if you get too many high-value cards? How do you deal with this situation? You can discard these cards soon and replace with number cards instead.

Keep a group of related high-value cards if you want so as to increase the chances of forming a pure sequence with these cards. Usually, people are in a hurry to discard rummy cards of high points, so it is possible that your opponent discards a related high-value card that you need to make a sequence.

Final Thoughts
You may encounter several challenging situations when you play rummy online for cash or free, but do not give up. There ways to get around every difficult scenario in a card game. Keep patience and think about the ways to overcome the problem, and you will surely find a solution.

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