A Brief History of Blackjack

Last Modified Tuesday, 15 October 2019 (13:20 IST)
As is the case with many games, the origins of are unknown. The earliest version of the game was played by the Romans, but instead of cards, they used wooden blocks of different numerical values. The French had a version of blackjack called 21 which is roughly similar to the game played in Nevada from 1931.
What’s interesting about this historical version of it is that the five of clubs was known as Watson’s card, not to be confused with Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ trusty assistant, according to a certain Mr. Watson who was a famous blackjack player. The Spanish also had a version of blackjack called 31. Naturally the rules varied from version to version and they are entirely different from the way blackjack is played today.

From Visiting a Casino to Playing Blackjack Online
Land-based casinos provide a certain irreplaceable feeling when it comes to the atmosphere of gaming. They’re still popular, but not as popular as online casino games. With the advancements in technology, the casino industry moved their games from the tables to the net. The graphics were not perfect and despite being 2D animations they took forever to load.
Along came 3D graphics and the games were remade. New shiny graphics took over and along came new types of games. Variants such as live, single deck, double deck, and VIP blackjack are offered at every online casino. Various bonuses come with the games too so players have a tough time choosing a site to play on. If you’re looking for some of the best promotions then go to Royal Panda’s online blackjack page or the blackjack page of LeoVegas, 888 Casino or any other top-ranking sites.

With new tech trends paving the way for many industries, blackjack was adapted to keep up with the pace. Smartphones became the next big thing so all the websites offering blackjack and other games had to become mobile-friendly. Blackjack apps were made to increase the availability of the game so fans can play it on the go.
The Security Issue
Being able to play blackjack anywhere is great, but in this digital era, anyone is prone to scams.Top ranking sites make sure the customer is given every manner of protection. Transactions are SSL encrypted and identity confirmations are made with every withdrawal. Random number generators were introduced to blackjack pretty early on. They’re also encrypted. An online blackjack’s algorithm keeps the numbers random and with that, it keeps the game fair. The chances of getting cheated at an online casino site are minute.
The Future of Blackjack
Virtual Reality is slowly placing its foothold in the gaming industry. There are already several titles that are popular with gamers so companies will likely keep making VR games in the future. What does this mean for blackjack? Since online casinos always look for new ways to keep their users entertained they’ll implement VR technology into blackjack. By turning your head you’ll be able to see the staff wondering about, other tables and even other player’s avatars seated at them. 

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