How does blogging help to improve your Google Ranking?

Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 (16:49 IST)
Search Engine like are important for marketers and bloggers posting high quality and on topics relevant to large section of the audience will really come on handy in terms of and make a huge difference on the overall website performance. Sites like Google are on a lookout for some keywords in the content of your blog keeping in mind the need of the end user. If the keywords are used strategically, then the chances of the search engine favoring your increases manifold.Let us take an in-depth review of various factors which can be of help in terms of improvingyour Search engine ranking. First and foremost is:
Keeping Website alive with fresh Content

To do good business and to make connections and build a continued relationship with the people  you want to reach one has to keep updating your website with fresh and current informative content, and for this blogging is a more practical tool adding new content on a regular basis withcreativity.
Blogging makes people stay longer on your website
Long Blog posts tend to perform better than the short ones, and Google aims of providing
relevant information to its users. Someone who visits your website through a blog post that
shows up in the search results tends to spend more time on your website than the one who just
lands on the page with little information.
 Aim to target the right Keywords
Implementing the usage of the right keyword will help Google to identify your content which in
turn will increase the likelihood of popping your article in response to a search. For example if
one is on a lookout for some exclusive discount coupons, so by simply using keywords such as
Zoutons coupons and offers, google or other search engines will simply take the users to your
website. Apart from having just text content, blog post should also include images that help
explain and support your content. So search engines look for images with image alt text.
Ideally four essential places where you should try to include your keywords: title tag, headers &body, URL, and meta description.
 Blogging helps you target long tail keywords
We all are aware that in today’s day and age there is competition in every sphere. So one has to really find ways to be a class apart from the other competitors. Creating content and using long relevant keywords for your business will surely rank high. So long tail keywords or three or four phrase keywords are easy to rank due to low competition and are extremely important for any
SEO strategy and will surely fetch more traffic. Visitors on a lookout for long-tail keywords tend
to read the whole post and in turn help you generate the right kind of traffic.
 Improve Your Site’s Load Speed
Another ranking factor is the Page load speed, not only to outrank your competitors but also deliver the best quality to your readers. Optimize images, indeed a very crucial element in boosting the speed of your site. A secret which very few are aware of. Google image search can send a lot of traffic to your blog. Of course one has to ensure that all your website images are compressed, have descriptive filenames, and include alt text.
A blog gives you opportunities for internal linking.Back links is one of the most heavily weighted Google ranking factors as it brings intraffic and show your site’s authority hence improve your search ranking.
Including good linking possibilities in your blog will definitely enhance the ranking of your
website. Strategically using the anchor text with the page you are linking to will strengthen its
connection with the target keywords and opportunities will really blossom if you add more
options to naturally link those pages to each other.

Thus, a quality blog with page after page ofvaluable information is trustworthy and gives other sites more reasons to link back to your site. If you have written a blog on any topic on another blog post, ebook or web page then linking internally is the best practice. By doing this visitors will stay on your website for a longer period and at the same time all your other relevant and authoritative pages also surface in the search
Mobile friendly or responsive Blog
These days more and more people use a search engine from their smart phone than a computerwhile on the move to search for business “near me”. So websites using mobile responsive designallow blog pages to have just one URL instead of two. Provide relevant content in google posts,improve your online reputation with online reviews. This helps google to recognize your post’svalue and rank it accordingly.
Install an SSL certificate on your site
To make your blog more SEO friendly, this practice is strongly recommended when you launch
your blog as this will make your site accessible on HTTPs. In fact, this is a safe practice as if
SSL is not installed in your website then a warning “ website not secure” will be shown so even
Google prefers sites with SSL over those who don’t.
To improve your SEO ranking keep updating and repurposing some of your most successful
pieces of content that are evergreen with some topics that are sure to remain relevant and
valuable over a long period of time (with minor changes or updates) and remove the outdated
content that is no longer relevant to the audience. This will improve your number of visitors and
leads and will take lesser time and fewer resources to update an existing piece of content rather than create a brand new article.
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