The 'NEVER GIVE UP' story of this ambitious girl is a true inspiration

Challenges, don't come to break you, they come to make you "

This saying perfectly summarizes the life of Priyanka Mahajan, a simple young Punjabi girl, who has a success story to inspire many.
Once perceived as a geek & nerdy student, Priyanka transformed to be an Air hostess but later turned out to be a Soft skills Trainer and is now a happy Entrepreneur. Starting from her school days whenever she chose one fixed path for her life, she was always pushed back and life showed her 10 other routes to live. As a very studious girl, Priyanka had no interest in anything apart from studies.

Just like any other student, she always thought of pursuing MBA from a reputed college for a successful future. After scoring top ranks in school and college life, she was very confident about her path ahead. But life and destiny had other plans for her.
She never knew that somebody above had much bigger plans for her. While she was dreaming of a successful career, her Punjabi Parents just had one dream to get her married to a big fat Punjabi guy. 
Despite the full dedication and hard work, Priyanka couldn't get into a good MBA college and almost felt that life is over. Being a very studious girl, she had no idea what to do at that point in time. Deciding to reappear for the entrance, she felt devastated during that drop period. This was indeed Priyanka's first encounter with failure and she almost went into depression. After a few days, somebody randomly suggested her to try for an Air hostess job(being a tall Punjabi girl). In order to avoid sitting idle at home, she thought of giving a shot and enrolled herself in the training course to be an air hostess.
Initially, Priyanka hated the training days as all the other aspiring girls around her were very different from what she was...a rigid nerd. They all were pro makeup lovers while Priyanka hated using even a lip gloss. She was overweight, tanned and brash. Slowly she realized her shortcomings and worked very hard to transform herself.

Priyanka worked hard and lost 10 kgs of extra fat, made her skin look great, wore braces to get a perfect smile, learned to swim, do makeup, did a diploma in the French language and what not. After one year of sheer hard work and dedication, she appeared for a leading airlines interview and guess what? she got rejected in the first round. Priyanka was shocked with this rejection and kept on wondering about the plans of almighty for her. Disheartened once again, she thought that her journey was over while her parents got very happy thinking that a Punjabi guy is her ultimate destiny. 
But lesser did she knew that life wanted her to try for something that seemed impossible for her. Priyanka discussed her hard times of rejection with her trainer who, in turn, suggested her to try for International airlines such as Singapore Airlines. A dejected Priyanka thought that when a domestic airline rejected her in the first round, what chances of selection will an International airline have for her? The optimistic trainer told her something which she still remembers - " You don't get what you desire in life, you get what you deserve" 
And that advice turned out to be so true. Priyanka got selected and had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world with Singapore Airlines after which her life changed completely. The dream of travelling the world got fulfilled, learning the best of things, exploring the best of cultures and then finally returning back to own country with years of experience and memories.  
This was not a happy ending but just a happy beginning. Priyanka started from scratch again, worked hard and became a soft skills trainer. Her first training was with Police cadets & inspectors in the Police training academy. She was super scared at first but as soon as the training started she felt tremendous strength and passion to motivate and train people. A confident trainer Priyanka received very positive feedback for her first training assignment and she did a lot of training projects after that.

From corporates like Chevron in Bangladesh to  Government college and NGOs in Indore, Priyanka was there all over training people. Where ever she went for the training she was welcomed with immense love and respect. She was so happy helping people, touching hearts and impacting lives of people for betterment. 
Life had much more to offer Priyanka as a lot of institutes and colleges started approaching her to join them as a Partner or Director. Starting from Bangladesh where an ex Aviation Minister asked her to run his entire Aviation school to Indore where Directors of big colleges asked her to join them as a Partner. But somehow every deal turned out to be sore and for some or the other reason, Priyanka was unable to close the deal.  
After taking a small break, Priyanka got the idea of opening her own small startup. She had a clear vision, ideas, strategies and in a very less budget, she started a training company named Skillspace. And since then there has been no looking back. Skillspace is now going to complete one year and close to 250 people in various fields of skills and expertise have been trained by Priyanka single-handedly. She has helped people to communicate efficiently, come out of their shells, perform better in their careers and helped them to score high and move abroad to fulfil their dreams.
Today, Priyanka doesn't fear challenges when it comes to career or her future as she knows that any new challenge will only take her higher in the journey of training and transforming people's lives. 
So keep moving forward, keep trusting your journey, somehow it will all make sense one day and you will reach a destination more beautiful and perfect than your dreams...just like Priyanka.
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