This homemaker's real life "Sui Dhaga" story is truly inspiring

Last Updated: Thursday, 21 February 2019 (13:00 IST)
Are you a young individual struggling to find your passion? Are you an adult who has lost meaning or purpose in life? Meet Amita Pandey, a 52 year old home-maker & hand designer, who has a story of passion to inspire many. Amita has been living each day of her life with full enthusiasm enjoying her endless passion for hand embroidery besides actively fulfilling her role in the family.

Born in a normal family with no creative or artistic background, she started painting and embroidery on her own at an early age. After creating some small stuff over the years, her hobby gradually transformed into a passion which grew exponentially with age, perfection and practice. The talent and skill developed over a period when combined with a discipline inherited from her mother helped in reaching new heights.

A positive go-getter attitude helped her emerge from different barriers and obstacles. Amita’s dedication for her art can be speculated from the fact that she gifted about 200 bed-sheets to close relatives during her daughter’s marriage(recently), all hand-embroidered single
handedly by her. The recipients were surely blown away by the beauty of the gifts but more importantly with her passion and determination. It was post this event that her work started getting more recognition and appreciation from closed circles, family and acquaintances which eventually led to inception of ‘Amita’s Sui Dhaaga’.

The label is a one-stop destination for hand embroidered clothing(saree, kurti, dupatta, stole etc.) and home décor items, all designed by Amita. The social media profiles, namely @amitansuidhaaga on Facebook and amitas_suidhaaga on Instagram are created as avenues to showcase her creativity and reach a larger set of people. These social media profiles give Amita an opportunity to exhibit her latest creations with the world, get feedback and customized requirements as well.

At an age where most of us look for pleasure or become stagnant and satisfied, Amita is an exception and a true inspiration. After designing about 300+ bed sheets, 150+ sarees, 100+ fashion and home décor accessories single handedly, she continues to pursue her passion everyday with the same zeal setting new milestones. Her idea of a happy life is a combination of passion, disciplined busy lifestyle and a positive mindset. She accredits this beautiful journey to her mother and husband for their constant support and guidance. Amita’s Sui Dhaaga is truly a sweet tale of passion, hope and an attitude of never giving up.
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