Why Netizens are going crazy for Netflix

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2018 (18:02 IST)
With limited availability of content, constrains of time and surge pricing
more and more people are now moving towards internet streaming services like Netflix, and over the traditional television broadcasting.

These services offer tons of content from all round the world right at your fingertips. Highly popular shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Suits and many more can now be seen in India, legitimately.

These also provide access to thousands of movies in high visual quality. As of April 2018, India had 3207 movies.

With less stringent censorship these platforms increase the scope for content creators. This attracts directors and actors, even from Bollywood. Lust Stories, Bose:Dead/Alive, and are shows starring some of the mainstream Bollywood actors.

These services are creating new possibilities in the genre of Indian comedy. Stand-up Specials by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have popularized standup comedy in India.

They are also streaming  shows like “Cha-cha Hamare Vidhayak Hain” and “Comicstan”(yet to come) which are extending comedy beyond standup.

Another reason for the popularity of these platforms is the streaming of sports. India is a highly cricket enthusiastic country. The cheapest sports add-on pack by Tata Sky costs Rs.120 per month (1). The least expensive HD connection by Airtel DTH costs Rs.315 per month (2).

Against these Hotstar provides free HD streaming of cricket. It makes a smartphone with 4G data connection good enough to watch the sport anywhere without any additional cost.

Most importantly, these services provide facility of private watching. Being used mostly on smartphones and laptops, they make the experience of watching content more personal and intimate.
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