Yoga instructor Ira Trivedi loses DD contract after Anti Hindu & Beef tweet (Pics)

Last Modified Saturday, 27 July 2019 (14:09 IST)
“An arrow from the bow and words from the mouth never comes back”  this was said by one rightly. In the world of digital media, one needs to be extra conscious to avoid any personal or professional harm. Had a bubbly lady thought once before posting baseless information, She would have continued to teach Yoga on the national television.(Pic- Instagram)
The controversy sparked when Ira Trivedi compared the Quran and Modern-day Hinduism. Her tweet read “The Quran is deeply progressive and Modern Day Hinduism is deeply regressive” She was trolled a lot with a mix of facts. 
Later Netizens came out to know that The lady was an Anchor in a yoga program aired on DD National. Strong demand was raised to the ministry of broadcasting to end her contract with immediate effect by the plethora of tweets. 
After a few hours, it came to the light that has put an end to the contract with her. To which Ira replied with a tweet” That she was honoured to be associated with DD, but she has programmed with other platforms Tata Sky and India today. Now fumed Twitteratis want her exit from the remaining shows as well. 
In one of her tweet, She advocated the consumption of for Hindus as it is rich in protein. It also drew ire and in a damage control mode, Ira replied that she is a complete vegetarian.  

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